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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra!


Perhaps at this point it’s probably safe to say that as far as tablets go, Samsung’s high-end Galaxy Tab models are among the best that you can get right now, and are a great example of how far Android tablet hardware has come. Apple no longer has the monopoly on premium tablets – new products such as the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra show that Samsung has what it takes to stay on top of the tablet game.

With that in mind, you might be thinking about picking up an Android tablet, or maybe you’re looking to upgrade from an old one. As such, we’ve listed down some reasons as to why you might want to go with the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Samsung’s current top-end tablet model. What can you expect from it? let’s take a look! 

Display Quality

One of the biggest reasons to own a tablet is the display – since they’re larger than phones, a lot of people tend to get a tablet for movie and TV streaming, gaming, and other casual tasks such as web browsing and social media content. As such, the Tab S9 Ultra certainly excels in this category, thanks to a very capable display.

The S9 Ultra comes with a large 14.6-inch screen, with a very sharp resolution of 1849 x 2960 pixels. Its AMOLED panel also delivers bright and vibrant colors, making it perfect for day-long Netflix binges, gaming, and getting a bit of productivity done as well. It’s also very smooth with a 120hz refresh rate, a feature that is sometimes missing in most other Android tablets.

Performance and Internals

Of course, a good screen alone doesn’t ensure quality performance, which is why Samsung has packed in a great hardware setup in the form of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, one of the best mobile SoCs that we’ve seen in a while. The 8 Gen 2 shines in terms of overall performance and power efficiency, meaning that you can enjoy using the S9 Ultra’s features for longer – games, productivity apps, and casual use feel a lot smoother thanks to Qualcomm’s high-performance chip.

The tablet also features 12GB of RAM, meaning that it’s got enough memory for most intensive tasks and apps. In a day and age where Android apps and software features require extensive device memory configurations, 12GB of built-in RAM is rather ideal, and you can even get the tablet in a 16GB RAM variant.

Terrific Deals

It’s no secret that the Tab S9 Ultra isn’t exactly a cheap device – all the upgrades to performance and build quality do mean that Samsung’s high-end tablet comes with a considerable price tag. With that in mind however, Samsung is offering some eye-catching deals on the S9 Ultra.

From December 1-8, buyers can avail of Samsung’s trade in offer for up $700 + 25% off with a Student Discount, and from December 9-17, folks interested in the S9 Ultra can also check out Samsung’s trade in offer worth up to $700, and bundles the tablet along a free Slim Keyboard, as well as an EPP discount.

Samsung DeX

Besides the natively-included Android software functionality, the S9 Ultra also comes with Samsung’s very own DeX software, which transforms the tablet’s user interface from a standard-looking tablet screen layout to an orientation more befitting of a desktop computer. It’s a rather cool and innovative way to bring easy computing solutions to Android users, and a feature not usually found on competing Android tablets.

With DeX mode, Samsung has also included support for mouse and keyboard inputs in addition to stylus compatibility, so the “desktop computer” experience is mostly complete. Combined with support for Microsoft Apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint (not to mention Google’s own suite of productivity software), the S9 Ultra manages to do more than a lot of competing devices out there.

Build Quality and Design

Last but not the least is design – Samsung has designed the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra to look good, with slim borders all around the screen, encased in a sleek metal body that should fit into most backpacks without any problems. It’s undoubtedly a premium-feeling device, and wouldn’t look out of place in a tech-lover’s desk setup, or in an office or classroom even.

It also features some added durability, thanks to the Gorilla glass screen and IP 68 rating, meaning that it should be safe from dust and accidental splashes. You can check out the Tab S9 Ultra here.

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