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6 trends that will define your working life in 2024


We spend a significant portion of our lives working or at work, so it is not unreasonable for workers to expect the best from their employers. They expect the best from you, after all. 

New research by Gallup has revealed the trends that are set to define the workplace in 2024, and it should come as no surprise that the findings confirm an enormous shift in the relationship between employers and employees. 

Naturally, part of that shift is due to the onset of remote work in recent years; in 2023, just 20% of remote-capable workers spent their full work week on site.

That’s not the only change you can expect. Here are six trends that look set to shape American working lives in 2024.

1. Stress is a constant

Despite employers’ efforts to minimize stress among employees, Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report reveals that 52% of workers still experience it daily. For some, stress can be a form of motivation, but for others it can lead to reduced productivity, burnout, and mental issues. Consider the source of your stress, and whether it’s justifiable.

2. Employee engagement is rising

Engaged employees care about their work and feel that they make a difference to the company. Does this sound like you? Engagement among US workers increased in 2023 after a pandemic-driven slump. Companies are investing in driving engagement to boost productivity, loyalty and revenue. It also requires workers to be receptive and uncynical about these efforts. 

3. Trust in leadership is falling

Trust in company leadership has fallen since 2020, according to Gallup, with only 23% of workers stating they trust the leadership of their organization. Transparency and openness about the company’s fortunes and future plans are necessary for workers to trust their leaders. If you don’t feel confident in your company’s leadership, it may be time for a change.

4. Good managers matter

Running a company in 2024 is hard, but being a manager is no walk in the park. Managers are expected to keep employees engaged, even when they’re feeling stressed themselves. 

One of the most vital statistics in Gallup’s recent research is that managers are responsible for a staggering 70% of employee engagement. If they suffer, the company suffers, so do not feel that the company’s internal reputation is your responsibility alone. 

5. Hybrid work is set to continue

As always, opinions vary on the value and viability of hybrid workplaces, but after various skirmishes in 2022 and 2023 about the return to offices, most companies have settled on their hybrid policy. Whether you are remote or hybrid, or neither, you should be able to expect clear communication on your employers plans in this space, and also reasonable expectations when a change does come. 

6. Culture will help to shape identify

Some individuals balk at workplace culture, with visions of trite team-building exercises and birthday cake. There is more to it than that, of course. Workplace culture can be a grassroots effort to create shared identity, reduce stress and build beneficial relationships. If you expect to be engaged in work and to feel trust in your employer—as above—then you could do worse than help build culture in your workplace. 

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