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Allocation Update – Q3 2023


Community & education AAvolution: Account Abstraction Village Account abstraction event held in Paris, covering topics such as the history of account abstraction, key catalysts to mass adoption, and the future of account abstraction wallets. Community & education BundleBear 0xKofi Database and dashboard providing transparent and verifiable insights into ERC-4337 users, operators, and activity. Community & education Campus Developer Workshops ETHAccra Developer workshops taught in universities across Ghana, covering blockchain and Ethereum basics, smart contract development, and web3 front-end and back-end development. Community & education Devconnect İzmir Side Event Blockchain DEU Meetup held in İzmir, Türkiye to introduce attendees to Ethereum and the importance of layer 2 (L2) solutions. Community & education Developer Onboarding Experience in Farsi Meetup Women in Blockchain Farsi Meetup in Istanbul, Türkiye to connect with Farsi-speaking communities and educate attendees on the ways to access and navigate the web3 ecosystem. Community & education Developer Workshops in Latin America Colledge Developer workshops for students organized at two universities in Latin America covering smart contract security, advanced Solidity, and L2. Community & education Devfolio Support to organize a series of programs including hackathons, fellowships, grants, and more that target developers, community builders, and students in India. Community & education EaTH Adana Çukurova Blockchain Meetup organized in Adana, Türkiye to introduce attendees to the Ethereum ecosystem, the importance of Devconnect Istanbul, and web3 adoption. Community & education ETHAccra Hackathon Hackathon in Accra, Ghana with a focus on social impact and sustainability, DeFi, and dapps. Community & education ETH Belgrade Support to organize monthly meetups and workshops in Belgrade, Serbia to engage with the local Ethereum community. Email Community & education ETHChicago Hackathon Hackathon in Chicago, the United States with the goal of solving real-world use cases through decentralized technology. Community & education EthCon Korea Conference and hackathon in Seoul, South Korea to spotlight local projects, empower local community members, and bridge the gap between South Korea and the global Ethereum community. Community & education Ethereum Bolivia Hackathon Hackathon in La Paz, Bolivia that encourages builders to solve local problems using blockchain and educates them on a range of topics including smart contract integration, Ethereum infrastructure, and dapp development. Community & education Ethereum Hungary Meetups Monthly meetups organized in Budapest, Hungary revolving around technical topics such as Ethereum core protocol developments, zero knowledge machine learning (ZKML), and data availability sampling (DAS). Community & education Ethereum México Conference in Mexico City, Mexico with a focus on topics such as zero knowledge (ZK), account abstraction, and public goods. Community & education Ethereum Slovenia Support to organize monthly meetups, workshops, and a hackathon in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Community & education ethereum.org Translatathon Translation competition to raise awareness about the importance of localizing content, incenticize translations in less active languages, onboard new contributors, and give back to their community of contributors. Community & education ETH Hangzhou Hackathon Hackathon with a focus on public goods, L2 applications, and ZK organized in Hangzhou to promote the development of the Ethereum ecosystem in China. Community & education ETHMunich Hackathon Hackathon in Munich, Germany with the goal of bringing together experienced blockchain hackers with talented students to solve real-world problems with the help of blockchain technology. Community & education ETHSafari Conference, hackathon, and bootcamp organized in Kenya covering topics such as L2s, privacy, and account abstraction. Community & education Fellowship KERNEL Provide KERNEL Fellows with opportunities to learn and build relationships, while having a support structure to focus on Ethereum public goods. Community & education GEERS: Blockchain Edition Technical workshops covering topics such as Solidity, security, and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Community & education hanniabu Develop community resources and tools that provide an overview of the health of the Ethereum network. Community & education Inteli Blockchain Hackathon Student-run hackathon in São Paulo, Brazil that aims to onboard students to blockchain and Ethereum. Community & education Latincrypt Conference in Sangolquí, Ecuador that brings together researchers and practitioners to present their latest findings in cryptology and information security. Community & education notDEVCON ITU Blockchain Summit in Istanbul, Türkiye focusing on the Ethereum ecosystem’s core philosophy, covering topics such as public goods, decentralization, and censorship resistance. Community & education Ready! Set! Devconnect! ODTÜ Blockchain Meetup held in Ankara, Türkiye providing attendees with an introduction to Ethereum and its various use-cases. Community & education Secureum TrustX Community event dedicated to the Ethereum security ecosystem organized in Istanbul, Türkiye. Community & education Solidity Course & Speed Run Ethereum Workshops ETH Bogota Free Solidity courses (in collaboration with ETH Kipu) held every week and Speed Run Ethereum workshops held on a bi-weekly basis. Community & education The Phoenix Guild Series of technical workshops in different cities across India, with the goal of increasing students’ and developers’ understanding of Ethereum. Community & education TUM Blockchain Conference TUM Blockchain Club Student-run conference in Munich, Germany delving into topics such as account abstraction, zkEVM, and regulation. Community & education Updating the Ethereum Yellow Paper Alex Kroeger (Teton Finance LLC) Updating the Ethereum Yellow Paper, a foundational ecosystem resource, to include details about the London, Arrow Glacier, Gray Glacier, and Paris upgrades. Community & education ZK Course in Mandarin Chinese Dapp-Learning Free and open-source ZK course in Mandarin Chinese that covers cryptography basics, ECDSA multi-signatures, and proof systems. Community & education ZK & Math Community Belgrade Support to run a cryptography course aiming to increase Serbian students’ understanding of ZKPs, its applications, and how proving schemes work. Community & education ZKProof 5.5 ZK event in Barcelona, Spain delving into topics such as PLONK standardization, ZKML, and recursive proof composition. Community & education zkSummit 10 ZK event in London, the United Kingdom comprising talks and workshop about ZK research, cryptographic primitives, privacy and maths, and ZK use-cases. Community & education zkWarsaw Day ZK-focused event in Warsaw, Poland covering topics such as ZKML, zkRollups, and formal verification. Community & education 0xVillage Research talks on cryptography and Ethereum at the Nesin Mathematics Village in Western Turkey right after Devconnect Istanbul. Consensus layer Fork Choice Specification Compliance Alex Vlasov & Mikhail Kalinin Ensure specification compliance of fork choice implementations by cooperating with client implementers to implement a seed corpus of test vectors and test mutation operators. Consensus layer Lighthouse Sigma Prime Continued development of the Lighthouse consensus client. Consensus layer P2P Research Lei Yang Implementation of a new rateless set reconciliation protocol library and performance tests on an adaptive BFT broadcast protocol in variable networks. Consensus layer Smoothing Pools Research Kody Sale & Noah Figueras Research on smoothing pools which enable solo stakers to pool their tips and MEV from block proposals together, thereby increasing their rewards and allowing for more frequent distributions. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Acceleration of Multi-Scalar Multiplications Dimitri Koshelev Research on accelerating multi-scalar multiplications, which can increase the efficiency of elliptic curve cryptography and enhance the overall security and efficiency of blockchain systems. Email Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Anonymous Exchange Hung Cheng Anonymous and secure NFT-trading platform built using the Semaphore protocol. Twitter Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Chiquito Steve Wang Chiquito is a step-based high-level Rust DSL (Pychiquito is a Python DSL for Chiquito) that provides better syntax and abstraction for constraint building and column placement when writing plonkish circuits and has a Halo2 backend, and other backends are in the works. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs CryptKeeper Verifiable Credential Integration Add support for verifiable credentials in CryptKeeper and create a demo where users can receive a credential, store it, and present it for verification. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs DID for Taiwan Citizen Digital Certificate yurenju Create a seamless integration between the digital certificate of Taiwanese citizens and decentralized identity by leveraging the Semaphore protocol. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Discreetly Tanner Shaw Anonymous and gated chat application that uses multiple ZK protocols such as Rate-Limiting Nullifier (RLN) to rate limit messages per user and Semaphore for identity management and group membership. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Embassy Florent Tavernier & Youssef Proof of passport protocol that mints users a soulbound token after verification that they are a holder of a passport, which is completed on-chain in a ZK circuit. Telegram Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Front-End Development for PSE Projects Kalidou Diagne Front-end development for PSE projects, including the PSE website, learning courses, and jubmoji.quest. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs mopro Oskar Project that makes client-side proving on mobile simple and enables developers to easily write circuits that can be run from a phone. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs MynaWallet a42x Develop proof-of-concept privacy-protecting features using ZKPs for MynaWallet, which enables users to operate ERC-4337-compliant contract accounts using a personal identification card issued by the Japanese government. Email Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Operational Support for PSE Devconnect Activities Dominik Zastávka Operational support for ZuConnect, Progcrypto, and other PSE Devconnect Istanbul activities. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs PLUME on Ledger App PLUME plugin application that works on Ledger hardware wallet platforms. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Pollen Labs & PSE Experiments Mach34 Support for Pollen Labs and PSE from Mach34, including contributing to ideation, code review and development, and holistic engagement with advanced cryptography experiments. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Pollen Labs Growth & Marketing Efforts Thomas Pan Growth and marketing efforts for Pollen Labs, a subgroup of the PSE team that champions freedom of speech and expression through decentralized innovation. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Privacy & Scaling Explorations Summer Contribution Program Two-month program with the goal of recruiting 20 ZKP and cryptography enthusiasts, primarily students, to actively contribute to PSE projects. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Jubmojis Vivek Bhupatiraju Project to be deployed at Devconnect Istanbul that utilizes NFC chips to give out ZK-friendly Baby JubJub signatures to participants as a form of provable private data, providing an educational experience about the possibility of personal control over private data using ZKPs. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Proof of Exploit Soham Zemse Project that helps to prove knowledge of a vulnerability that can cause a smart contract to behave in an unexpected manner without revealing any details about the vulnerability. GitHub Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs ProtoStar Folding Optimization Domain specific language (DSL) that enables users to write high-degree circuits and compile them to a recursion-optimized ProtoStar. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs PSE Small Grants Paul Yu PSE trial program to onboard promising talent to the ZK and cryptography world. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs PSE Technical Paper Writer/Editor & Developer omurovec Technical paper writer/editor and developer to help PSE standardize and disseminate research in a more impactful way, increase community engagement, and improve project tracking. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs UniRep Halo2 R&D Bhargav Annem Halo2-related research for UniRep Protocol, Halo2 Javascript integration with a web browser using nodejs, and UniRep circuit development in Halo2. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs UniRep Protocol Core Improvements & Iterations mango9264 Improvements and iterations to the protocol and support for multiple projects within the UniRep Protocol team. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs UniRep Social Taiwan Completely anonymous social media platform that protects users’ identities from being monitored. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs ZK Email Wallet Sora Suegami & Aayush Gupta Contract wallet using emails that allows users to send crypto assets simply by sending emails without any actions from recipients. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs ZK-MPC Yoii Inc. Use ZKPs to extend the SPDZ multi-party computation (MPC) protocol, enabling third-party verification of the constraints on secret input values and the correctness of output values. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs ZK Playground Program in Taipei, Taiwan that provides education on the theory and development of ZK through lectures, workshops, and office hours sessions. Participants will also have the opportunity to showcase their projects and take part in a quadratic funding round. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs ZK-Powered Data Marketplace Platform where users can interact, analyze, and gain insights from scientific datasets through ZK functions, without acquiring details about the datasets themselves. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs ZKStats Jern Kunpittaya Library tailored for scientific computation and datasets while ensuring data privacy by generating and verifying proof for statistical queries to one data provider. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs 64-bit Hash Function Research and Implementation Know-Center & TU Graz Research and implementations of fast and circuit-efficient hash functions tailored to 64-bit fields. Developer experience & tooling Buidl Guidl Educational community of builders creating products and prototypes and providing Ethereum developer education. Developer experience & tooling EVM.js Library Luis Mastrangelo Symbolic EVM interpreter and decompiler, along with several other utils for programmatically extracting information from bytecode. Twitter Developer experience & tooling lazy-etherscan Yoshi Usuzawa Ethereum blockchain explorer that can be operated through a terminal, visualizing Ethereum blocks and transactions while enabling search and investigation capabilities. Twitter Developer experience & tooling Python ERC-4337 SDK Alexey Nebolsin Python ERC-4337 software development kit (SDK) and a short blog series describing the process of building it. Developer experience & tooling Remix Compiler Service ApeWorX Open-source and improved compiler service for the Remix IDE that will support additional languages such as Fe and Huff, help to integrate other tools, conforms to the EIP-2678 standard, and improves the UX for developers. Developer experience & tooling WhatsABI Andrey Petrov Further development of the WhatsABI static analytics and decompile tool for Solidity bytecode. Developer experience & tooling Web3.js ChainSafe Collection of libraries that allows users to interact with a local or remote Ethereum node using HTTP, IPC, or WebSocket. Execution layer Beyond Borders: Exploring MEV and Risks in Cross-Domain Arbitrage between CEX and DEX Colin Chan Empirical understanding of MEV activities from cross-domain arbitrage between centralized and decentralized exchanges on Ethereum that ideally quantifies the amount of value leakage from these informed traders. Email, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn Execution layer Erigon Execution Client Funding for Erigon’s continued work on the Ethereum mainnet, specifically their client implementation, applied R&D on performance optimizations, and broader engagement with the client and research community. Execution layer Fuzzing the EIP-4788 Bytecode Guido Vranken Vet the bytecode of EIP-4788, which is scheduled for the Dencun upgrade. Execution layer Fe Language Server Build a language server implementation for Fe and integrate it with the VSCode plugin. General growth & support DVStakers Eridian & Spacesider Educational initiative around all things distributed validator technology (DVT) with a growing global network of solo stakers, running Ethereum nodes, and DVT validators. General growth & support Road to Devcon Grants Round Grants round to encourage the growth of local Ethereum communities, initiatives, and projects in Southeast Asia leading up to Devcon 7. General growth & support Run a Node Grants Round Grants round to encourage the exploration of a diverse range of ideas for operating nodes beyond running a validator. General growth & support Stereum RockLogic GmbH Toolkit that simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining an Ethereum node with a focus on self-sovereignty, privacy, and flexibility. Indirect funding Ethereum Argentina Quadratic Funding Round Quadratic funding round for the projects built during Ethereum Argentina‘s buildathon. Indirect funding ZK Playground Quadratic Funding Round Quadratic funding round for the projects built during ZK Playground. Indirect funding Devcon VI Supporter Program Protocol Guild Allocated funds raised from the Devcon VI Supporter Program to Protocol Guild. Other clr.fund Continued development of the clr.fund codebase, with a focus on improving the round deployment flow to make it more reliable and lowering the barrier to entry for users who want to run a clr.fund round to spin up the entire stack. Other Decentralization Research Center Non-profit organization that supports non-partisan decentralization research and acts as a hub for critical stakeholders. Other Stealth Address Standardization & Umbra v2 ScopeLift Finalization of ERC-5564 and ERC-6538 to standardize Stealth Address on the EVM and the creation of architecture for Umbra v2 as a full-featured, flagship implementation of the EIPs. Protocol growth & support Account Abstraction Grants Round Grants round to encourage development, research, and education around account abstraction and the necessary infrastructure to support it. Protocol growth & support DendrETH Metacraft Labs Smart contract implementation of the Ethereum light client sync protocol which aims to enable the creation of secure cross-chain blockchain bridges that do not require a trusted operator. Protocol growth & support Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF): Cohort 4 Stipends for cohort members of the EPF, a program designed to onboard developers to the process through which protocol development happens. Protocol growth & support KZG Ceremony Grants Round Grants round to support the Ethereum KZG Ceremony.


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