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Apple halts smartwatch sales and replacements in the US


Apple fans hoping to snag the latest Apple Watch under the Christmas tree will be disappointed as the Series 9 and Ultra models are no longer available online or in stores due to a legal issue. Additionally, repairs for older watches may be delayed due to reported service limitations.

Following a legal ruling, Apple adjusted its U.S. sales strategy for the Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches. These models are no longer available online but remain in stores until December 24, just before an import ban comes into effect.

In the wake of a recent patent dispute, Apple is reportedly limiting repair options for certain smartwatches. Out-of-warranty hardware replacements for Watch Series 6 and newer models are suspended. Software support continues for these devices.

Apple reportedly instructed its service teams to inform customers impacted by the halted hardware replacements that they will be notified if and when repairs resume for their specific watch models.

Due to a legal dispute, Apple will have limited post-ban (Dec 25th) options for pre-ban watch purchases. Color/size exchanges won’t be available during the return window. Swapping watches won’t be possible, but bands can be replaced. Under-warranty returns for refunds still apply.

No news if the ban will hit us here in the UK as of yet , but if we hear we will let you know


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