Wondering if you can help me guys, I’m new to using bitcoins and recently downloaded Bitcoin Core to my MacBook. I stupidly sent bitcoins to my wallet without realising i had to sync first, but it’s been syncing for a week now and still has 1 year 46 weeks to go.

I have the phassprase but the bech 32 adress I cannot see the private key

Please help

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I can think of multiple possible avenues to resolve your issue:

  1. FWIU, your computer has insufficient disk space to store the entire blockchain. You can configure your node to use pruning mode, so that it does not keep the entire blockchain. This way, you can just let your computer finish synchronize.
  2. Stop Bitcoin Core. Back up the wallet in at least one additional place. Move the Bitcoin directory to your external disk. Configure your node to use the directory on your external disk as its data directory. Continue synchronizing from there.
  3. Stop Bitcoin Core. Back up your wallet file in at least two other places. (Test the backup!) Uninstall Bitcoin Core. Install Bitcoin Core on your external disk. Import your wallet.

I would generally not recommend exporting keys, as you may end up just exporting the master key, but not the derivation path or something similar. If you are using the GUI, use the wallet export function from the GUI to create a backup. Preferably, first test your backup by means of starting another installation on the external disk or a second device before you delete anything.