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Bluetti announces new SwapSolar and AC240 water-resistant power stations at CES

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Bluetti is a name that some of you might be familiar with if you’ve done some research on power stations in the past. For those unfamiliar, power stations are essentially modern alternatives to gas-powered generators. They are essentially massive power banks that can output considerably more power.

This allows them to be used to power more energy-hungry devices while you’re on the road, like when you’re doing a cross-country road trip or if you’re going on a camping trip but still want to enjoy some modern-day amenities like electric kettles, heaters, lights, projectors, and so on.

At CES 2024, Bluetti has announced a couple of brand new products which include the Bluetti SwapSolar and the water-resistant AC240 which we will be looking at in more detail below.

Bluetti SwapSolar

Starting with the Bluetti SwapSolar, this is quite an interesting device from Bluetti. It basically combines both the AC180T portable generator and the BLUETTI MultiCooler portable refrigerator.

For the AC180T power station, it is a larger version of the company’s AC180 power station. It offers a 1,433Wh capacity battery that is capable of putting out up to 1,800W of power, and can go up to 2,700W of lifting power for those times when you might need that extra jolt of energy for some of your devices.

One of the benefits of the AC180T over the AC180 is that it offers a hot-swappable battery design. This means that if the batteries in the AC180T have run out and you don’t have the time to recharge it and need power this instant, you can easily swap out two of the 716.8Wh batteries for new ones quickly and easily.

This allows users to have a bit more flexibility when it comes to deciding when to recharge the batteries, instead of being left stranded with no batteries in case of an emergency.

Now, the other cool part of the SwapSolar that we mentioned earlier is that it features the Bluetti MultiCooler, which the company is calling the world’s first LFP-powered 3-in-1 portable fridge. If you’re on a camping trip and need to keep drinks or certain produce cold to prevent them from going bad, then this could be the answer to that problem.

The MultiCooler is a fridge and a freezer that can also make ice, all combined into a single product! It has a 40-liter compartment and has temperature controls that can go all the way down to -20C. The built-in ice maker is also capable of creating ice cubes in minutes, so you can get ice on demand.

The Bluetti SwapSolar will be launching on Indiegogo as part of a crowdfunding campaign on the 9th of January, and the official launch is currently set for February.

Bluetti AC240 water-resistant power station

Since power stations can be used outdoors, it means that depending on the weather, they might get wet from the rain or the humidity. Obviously, it would be terrible if they stopped working because of a little bit of water, but thankfully, that’s something Bluetti has taken into consideration when they designed the new AC240.

Bluetti has created water-resistant power stations in the past, but the AC240 is a different model and could be ideal for those who might want to use it as a home backup, thanks to its larger 1,536Wh battery and the ability to put out up to 2,400W of power. This would allow it to power a variety of appliances and gadgets, like a 20cu fridge, for example.

The company also claims that charging is pretty fast for the AC240 where 70 minutes can top it back up to full, or 2 hours if you use it together with a 1,200W solar panel.

Users who need a bit more juice will be able to attach Bluetti’s B210 expansion batteries with up to four at once, hitting a total of 10kWh, allowing it to provide power for users for days on end.

The AC240 also features support for UPS, so if you need to ensure that certain devices in your home are continuously running even in the event of a blackout, then the AC240 could be it. Pricing of the AC240 is currently unknown, but the power station is expected to launch on the 2nd of April where there will be an early bird price available for early adopters.

In addition to the above two new products, Bluetti also showcased new home storage products in 2023 such as EP900 and EP800 , and AC60&B80AC180AC200Loutdoor portable power station.


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