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Chrome web pages should load faster thanks to a Safe Browsing update


What you need to know

  • Google Safe Browsing is a way for users to stay protected from potentially dangerous sites, but it can currently result in slow page load times.
  • Google has developed a new “asynchronous mechanism” for Safe Browsing that will allow pages to load while real-time checks are conducted.
  • The feature will start taking effect in Chrome 122, which will begin rolling out to users next week. 

Google is making changes to Safe Browsing in Chrome that will result in quicker page load times, it announced on the Chromium Blog. Safe Browsing checks to see if a webpage is potentially dangerous in real-time, but it currently blocks pages from loading until the check is completed. That is changing in Chrome 122, which is set to debut next week. 

Google explains that Safe Browsing conducts checks that are on the blocking path of page loads. Essentially, that means that a page cannot load until the check is completed. In turn, this extends the amount of time required for a website to load in Chrome. Google has managed to remove the Safe Browsing checks from the blocking path in Chrome 122, which is more efficient. 


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