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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Is Bullish On On-Chain Games & Ads


  • Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently shared his top interest areas in the crypto space. 
  • Armstrong is currently bullish on on-chain ads, on-chain games, Layer 2 privacy, P2P exchange on-chain, etc. 
  • The Coinbase Chief’s comments came ahead of the first-ever Coinbase Ventures Summit scheduled for October 2023. 

Brian Armstrong, the man at the helm of the largest crypto exchange in the United States, recently shared his top areas of interest in the crypto space. The Coinbase founder and CEO urged DeFi builders to focus on ten ideas that he believes were critical for the broader crypto space in order to support the next generation of crypto startups. 

Brian Armstrong Urges Builders To Explore On-Chain Applications

In a recent blog post on Coinbase’s official website, Brian Armstrong requested DeFi builders to use the bear market as an opportunity to develop applications surrounding ten different ideas. The ideas included Flat Coin Concept, On-Chain Reputation, On-Chain Ads, On-Chain Games, On-Chain Capital Formation, Job/Task Marketplace for Crypto, Layer 2 Privacy, Decentralized P2P Exchange, Tokenized Real World Assets, and Software for Network States. 

Coinbase has the resources to build a lot in crypto, but we don’t have time to build everything and want to help enable the ecosystem around us. We need more people to come join us.”

Brian Armstrong, CEO at Coinbase

According to Armstrong, the above-mentioned areas have great potential in the near future. Flat coins are decentralized tokens that track the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to preserve purchasing power. The Coinbase Chief believes that flat coins can address the inflation and seizure issues associated with fiat and stablecoins. 

Armstrong is also bullish on-chain ads, games, reputation, and capital formation. He told builders that decentralized identity, advertisement, and gaming have significant potential. To support such startups, the Coinbase CEO pitched the idea of on-chain capital formation that would allow startups to raise cash globally. More startups would lead to demand for crypto talent, which is where Armstrong’s idea of a crypto job marketplace comes in. 

Brian Armstrong’s suggestion for DeFi builders comes ahead of the first-ever Coinbase Ventures Summit in Malibu, California, slated for October 2023. The event will bring together 20-30 teams of the top builders in the crypto space. Crypto projects that participate in the summit may receive funding from Coinbase Ventures.


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