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Crypto Taxes Made Simple: BitPay + ZenLedger


Together, BitPay and ZenLedger bring simple crypto tax filing to all BitPay users. ZenLedger is the IRS’ sole source provider of forensic accounting and taxation software for cryptocurrencies, offering advanced features to get your crypto taxes done in minutes. Import transactions directly from your BitPay Wallet to ZenLedger’s crypto tax software and generate all the forms you need to prepare and file your taxes accurately.

Benefits of using BitPay + ZenLedger for crypto taxes

  • Calculate your DeFi, NFT, and crypto taxes in minutes
  • Import transactions straight from the BitPay Wallet
  • Calculate cost basis, fair market value, and gains/losses for your transaction history
  • Tax loss-harvesting tool for all customers
  • Chat and phone support provided by ZenLedger 7 days a week
  • Automatically generate your crypto tax documents
  • Complete and file your entire tax return without leaving the ZenLedger platform

How to use BitPay + ZenLedger to prepare your crypto taxes

Importing your transactions and crypto info to the ZenLedger platform is easy and secure. This integration is applicable only to BitPay users based in the United States and Canada.

  1. For current BitPay users, make sure you have the latest version of the BitPay Wallet. For new users,  download the app here.
  2. Tap the ZenLedger button under the “Do More” section of the BitPay app home screen.
  3. You will be prompted to connect your wallet to ZenLedger.
  4. Log in or create your free ZenLedger account.
  5. Choose the wallets holding the transactions you wish to import into ZenLedger.

Once you’ve created a ZenLedger account and connected your wallet, your transactions will appear within your ZenLedger dashboard. Now you are ready to use ZenLedger to prepare and file your crypto taxes. In addition to crypto taxes, ZenLedger’s partnership with april allows you to complete your entire tax return and e-file without ever leaving the app.

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