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Finally! The OnePlus Open has dropped to its lowest price ever during Best Buy’s Christmas sale (but not for long)


Powerful, sophisticated, and eminently durable, the OnePlus Open is also far from cheap, which is why we’re excited to share this historic deal from the good folks at Best Buy. Purchase and activate this premium foldable through the retailer and you’ll get a straight $300 dropped off your purchase, a deal that makes the phone cheaper than its ever been. If you’d rather not activate the phone through Best Buy today, you’ll still get a $200 discount, which is the same price drop we saw during the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Obviously, a $1,400 smartphone is still a major investment, but if you like to be on the cutting edge of foldable technology, it’s a great opportunity. 

✅Recommended if: you want the most cutting-edge foldable phone without being limited to Samsung or Google; you want a foldable with a nearly invisible crease; you’re looking for great battery life and camera tech in a foldable phone. 


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