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Google brings a bit of Pixel call magic to more Android phones


What you need to know

  • Google is testing a new feature in Google Search Labs that will call a company’s customer service line on your behalf.
  • It’s called Talk to a Live Representative, and it cuts out the navigation and hold times from your call.
  • When a live representative has been connected to the call, Google will call your phone to connect you to them. 

Google is trialing a new feature in Search Labs that will initiate a call, wait on hold, and connect to a customer service representative — all on a user’s behalf. It’s called Talk to a Live Representative, and it can be enabled now in the Google app for Android with Search Labs. However, since it’s being tested for now, it won’t be available for everyone. 

The feature is uniquely designed to help connect users with customer support lines. When you ask Google for a company’s customer support number, a Knowledge Panel will often appear in the Search results with that number. Now, with Talk to a Live Representative enabled in Search Labs, a new button will be available below the Knowledge Panel for this feature. It was first discovered by Android feature spotter Sterling in a post on X.


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