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Google still has nothing to worry about following Bing’s AI resurgence


What you need to know

  • New numbers show how the market share compares between Google and Microsoft search engines.
  • Bing market share has dropped compared to last year despite a seeming rise in popularity following the OpenAI integration.
  • Google still commands the highest market share at just under 90%.

Microsoft seemed to be sitting pretty when it integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT tech into Bing, transforming the search engine into a gateway into the company’s new generative AI features. However, the latest numbers show that Bing’s market share hasn’t exactly benefited from Microsoft’s head start in this new AI craze.

Statcounter released some market share numbers for the major search engines, giving us a look at how Bing has fared since the generative AI craze kicked off (via Windows Central). Unfortunately, as of October 2023, Bing’s market share sits at just under 7% in the United States, down year over year from 7.4%. In fact, throughout 2023 thus far, Bing’s market share has remained under 7%.

Meanwhile, Google, rather unsurprisingly, has remained king of the search engines, with its market share sitting at 88% as of October 2023.

(Image credit: Statcounter)

While it’s expected that Google would maintain its spot, it’s a little surprising (and concerning) that Bing’s market share hasn’t seen a significant uptick. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the search engine had reached a significant milestone with 100 million daily active users. This was not long after Bing launched a preview of its generative AI capabilities, with users able to sign up to try them out.


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