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Google’s Assistant At a Glance widget is crashing on a bunch of Android phones


What you need to know

  • Multiple users are encountering an error preventing them from adding the At a Glance widget to their home screen.
  • The error message appears to be intended for developers, making it difficult for less tech-savvy users to troubleshoot.
  • Temporary workarounds exist but are not comprehensive, and the issue persists for some users.

If Google’s At a Glance widget has gone bonkers on your phone, you’re not alone. Plenty of Android users are scratching their heads over this glitch with no clue how to fix it.

Reddit and Google’s forums are buzzing with reports about a pesky glitch messing up the At a Glance widget for many users, including this author. Check out the screenshot below, showing the annoying error causing this problem.

At a Glance error message on the home screen

(Image credit: Jay Bonggolto / Android Central)

According to one user who posted a different screenshot on this Android help page, the widget is either pulling a disappearing act after a quick flash, crashing, or just not bothering to show up at all.


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