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How To Remove A Fortnite IP Ban: An Easy-To-Follow Guide

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People are banned from Fortnite, one of the world’s most popular video games, for a number of reasons. Some are banned for abusing other players through audio chat and others are banned for hacking, something that’s very prevalent in the game. If you have been banned, you will be pleased to know that you can make a new account if you are able to change your IP address. This post’s intention is to tell you how you can do that so you can start playing again and get back to having fun.

1. Changing IP Address

If you are banned for something severe, like hacking for example, then it’s highly probable your IP address has been banned from Fortnite’s servers. Attempting to play on a banned IP address will lead to any account connected to that IP address being banned too. If you share your house with other gamers, for their sake you need to change your IP address. If you do not, then they will not be able to access the game either. Restricting your friends or family from playing Fortnite will likely annoy them. Fortunately, you can use NordVPN for Fortnite gaming  if you have been banned. NordVPN and other VPNs like it allow you to change your IP address in a matter of minutes, hiding your geographic location and preventing Fortnite from identifying you.

Another effective way for you to change your IP address is to restart your router. When you use a VPN, it changes your IP address temporarily and allows you to play international gaming servers. When you restart your router, it’ll change your IP address permanently, though it’ll give you another IP in your area, meaning an IP associated with the geographic region in which your original IP address was. If this is not an issue or problem for you, it’s definitely something you should consider doing. Changing your IP should not have any impact on any of your subscriptions or really anything to do with how you use the internet.

2. Registering New Account

Once you have changed your IP address, you need to register a new account. As mentioned above, if you do not register a new account and attempt to log into your old one, Fortnite will immediately ban you again. Any account associated with the account you were playing on when you got banned will be banned as well. Registering a new account is something you can do with relative ease and if you have been playing Fortnite for a while, is not something that you likely need to have explained to you.

No registering a new account, try to avoid making any reference to your old account. Try to avoid using a name that’s similar to the account you previously held. If you register a new account with the same name or a similar name, there is a chance that Fortnite could ban you again. While Fortnite does not actively make efforts to detect or ban evaders, if you make it easy for them to detect you, they’re going to ban you without hesitation. Hackers and griefers are taken very seriously by the game’s administration.

3. Avoiding Making References

As mentioned above, Fortnite’s administration will not make an active effort to track you down. However, you should try to avoid making any reference to your old account. If you make any reference to your old account, you could end up getting banned again. Make sure that your friends do not make any reference to your old account, too. If you tell anyone, they could potentially report you, so keep your old account a secret and avoid telling people you do not know or who you are not comfortable sharing this with.  Make certain you do not tell random people in the game that you do not know, as they could report you.

4. Using a New Email Address

You also need to make sure that when you create a new account, you use a new email address. If you do not, you could, again, be associated with your former account. Registering a new email address shouldn’t take you very long. You can make a fake name up for it if you want to. When you are registering a new email address, try to avoid putting anything in its name that could link you back to your old account. Taking precautions will help you avoid getting banned again and losing all of your experience and game time.

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Removing a Fortnite IP ban can be challenging (as it relates to actually getting unbanned). However, ban evasion isn’t. Follow the steps given here to get back in the game and avoid permabans.


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