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IKEA’s new smart home sensors are surprisingly cheap


The problem with a lot of smart home products is that generally speaking, they’re more expensive compared to their “dumb” counterpart. Take for example light bulbs, where a regular LED bulb is priced at a fraction compared to a smart one. This makes putting together a smart home a bit difficult for those who are on a budget.

Luckily, IKEA is here to help. The company has announced a trio of smart home sensors, and the best part is that all of them are expected to be priced under the $10 mark, making them insanely accessible to everyone who might have a need for them. We can’t speak to their functionality yet, but considering the price, it’s still a great bargain.

According to IKEA, these sensors include the PARASOLL door and window sensor that notifies users whenever they are opened and closed. It also includes the VALLHORN wireless motion sensor that can active lights upon movement detection, and last but not least, the BADRING water leakage sensor that notifies users whenever a leak is detected so it can be fixed ASAP before it becomes a bigger issue.

IKEA says that both the PARASOLL and VALLHORN will be going on sale come January 2024, while the BADRING will only be available in April 2024.

Source: IKEA


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