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Insurance News: Cloud connectivity in an evolving risk landscape | Insurance Blog


With all the connectivity that cloud enables, and complex dynamics at play in determining who has the responsibility to process and protect PII, insurers need to work with their ecosystem partners to protect the data of their customers and employees.

In this Insurance News Analysis, we were delighted to welcome Aaron Davidson, Global Head of Insurance at ServiceNow to discuss how insurers are adjusting to the demands of technology and operations and offering customers the products and experiences they expect.

We discuss how convenience and security are often trade-offs in a more connected world as evidenced by this story of how a bank executive’s personal information, and material non-public business data, were retained in hardware resold from a total loss vehicle.

As insurers are looking at these complexities and trade-offs, they still need to be sure they are offering customers the coverages they need. We discuss how factors like inflation and supply chain disruption are changing the risk landscape and in an industry where retention is key, how insurers need to help firms to understand the coverage they need. 

In cyber insurance, where there’s less data to go on in terms of loss history in order to accurately assess risk, we discuss how insurers can navigate these uncharted parts of the risk landscape.

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