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iOS 18 is Rumored to Get Dramatic UI Changes Copied from visionOS


In recent versions of iOS, including the latest iOS 17, big visual changes are mostly reserved at app-level, with pretty much of the entire UI relatively unchanged. Apple is now rumored that it could overhaul iOS 18 by copying the interface of visionOS and giving it dramatic changes seen in years.

Apple’s visionOS is its new software platform that powers its spatial computing and mixed-reality devices including the Vision Pro. While it’s developed from iOS frameworks, the Cupertino tech company gave it unique touches like rounded and more in-depth elements along with a streamlined workflow view when multitasking.

How iOS 18’s rumored interface may look like

According to the Israeli outlet, The Verifier, Apple is bringing the same touches to iOS 18, which would make as one of the most significant visual iterations to happen to the operating system. The change is expected to be applied on iPad and iPad Pro tablets through iPadOS 18 as well.

There is no outright evidence and to what extent the UI alignment is going to be. But if this to materialize, we would likely be seeing those rounded app and navigation icons applied on the upcoming iOS and iPadOS updates.

Apart from iOS, the source speculates that similar changed will also come to Apple’s other operating systems, such as tvOS. This would not be surprising given the company has been unifying the interface of its different platforms. 

Apple Vision Pro
Apple’s Vision Pro runs on visionOS and has its own app store. / © nextpit

Regardless if there is credibility to these details at all, iOS 18 is already rumored to be a massive update in terms of size and number of features. Per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, iOS 18 could dwarf the previous iOS iterations. At the same time, Apple confirmed that the RCS (Rich Communication Services) protocol will come with this iOS.

AI is seen to be a major highlight of iOS 18, too. Apple is yet to roll out generative features based on large language models to its devices, which will take on the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy AI. The new AI arsenal would also improve Siri overall, with the assistant possibly supporting more complex tasks and smarter functions like image search.

Do you think it is ripe for Apple to bring major UI changes to iOS? How would you like it to appear? We’d like to hear your opinion. Hit us up in the comments.


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