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Lenovo has a freaking cool transparent laptop that could debut at MWC 2024


There’s really not much that companies can do when it comes to laptop designs. Sure, they can choose new and interesting materials or stick a bunch of LEDs in it, but that’s really all there is. Or is there? It seems that Lenovo could have something amazing to show off at MWC 2024 in the form of a transparent laptop.

A post on X by reputable leakster Evan Blass has revealed a transparent laptop concept that Lenovo is apparently working on. This device could make its debut at MWC 2024. Whether or not it will actually be manufactured and sold in the market is a different story, but damn that is pretty cool.

The renders show a laptop form factor with a completely transparent display. It also features a touchscreen where the physical keyboard should be. It also appears to be using a virtual keyboard. The transparent display is pretty awesome, but the virtual keyboard not so much. We’d still much rather have a physical keyboard given the choice, but this is merely a concept.

As for how practical such a laptop is, that’s hard to say. Lenovo has a history of launching some wacky and cool concepts in the past, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. Just don’t get your hopes up at owning one of these laptops in the near future.


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