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Mash revolutionizes online giveaways with Bitcoin rewards via Lightning Network


Mash, the Lightning wallet-powered online platform for monetizing media, has introduced a Rewards Page, enabling publishers and creators to conduct Bitcoin giveaways via marketing initiatives.

The platform revealed that its partners, including CryptoSlate, publishing firm TFTC, The Cymes, Nic Carter, and Lord Miles on X (formerly Twitter), have simultaneously launched giveaway campaigns for their users.

Mash’s reward page

Mash’s Reward Page simplifies and makes giveaways more accessible to a wider audience, aiming to tackle the challenges traditional giveaway campaigns face.

Usually, traditional giveaways grapple with several limitations, including geographical constraints, high monetary thresholds, and operational complexities, hampering audience engagement and campaign effectiveness.

However, through Mash’s Reward Pages, publishers and creators can disburse Bitcoin rewards as low as $0.01 to their audiences. This approach enables more winners and fosters increased user participation and engagement. Moreover, creating the giveaway page requires no coding expertise, facilitating a seamless setup for creators and publishers.

Participants receive reward links, allowing them to redeem their prizes at their convenience using any compatible wallet. Thus, Mash’s integration of the Lightning Network ensures that the giveaway winners enjoy seamless cross-border payments and can claim their rewards using the Mash wallet or any lightning-enabled wallet such as CashApp, Strike, or even the crypto exchange Kraken.

Notably, Mash’s Reward Pages serve a dual purpose of incentivizing audience engagement while aiding the social media reach for publishers and creators. By integrating with marketing campaigns, these pages enhance post visibility, attract followers, and encourage content creation.

The CEO of Cryptoslate, Nate Whitehill, said Mash’s solution ticks all the boxes “for an easy way to run giveaways across web3, crypto, and traditional rails,” going on to say, “we love the fact that it’s an open, interoperable system with Bitcoin.”

Notably, some users of the crypto-focused media outlet have already reported earning rewards for reading stories on the platform.

Jared Nusinoff, CEO of Mash, emphasized the platform’s commitment to streamlining crypto giveaways, noting the excitement surrounding upcoming creative campaigns, saying,

“It has never before been possible to give out rewards with this level of flexibility, scale, and ease. We’re enthusiastic about all the creative campaigns that growth marketers are going to be launching.”


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