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micropaymentchannels – Accepting micropayment donations via Lightning Network – what is the most efficient / recommended architecture?


The difficulty that I am experiencing at the moment – how to accept Lightning Network micropayments donations supporting (shameless plug): https://genesis.re/wiki#Plan_B

Zap / Joule:

  • I send on-chain BTC to lightning enabled wallet
  • I open a channel
  • I do not have inbound capacity to receive lightning payments, need to spend first

(two on-chain transactions and spending money first feels like too much)

Blue Wallet / Bitlum:

  • they say these are custodial wallets
  • I do not understand how do they work
  • is my account balance a cell in a database?

(feel free to educate me – comment section – in the inner workings of custodial wallets)


This seems reasonable, created by a reputable organization:


If someone’s looking to receive bitcoin, as tips or other earnings, this is a quick and easy tool to get started.

Maybe there is something better available?

Maybe there is a better way?


Exchange sats on Lightning Network into BTC on-chain so to have inbound capacity?

Use this form to extract credit from your Lightning Channel and turn into BTC. Enter the Bitcoin address you want the funds sent to and amount you want to extract.


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