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Mobile Pixels Inc. announces DUEX Max and DUEX Plus Portable Monitors.

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Boost productivity and work anywhere with the DUEX portable monitor, providing dual-screen capabilities.

Mobile Pixels, a specialist in creating innovative computer monitors and accessories, announces availability of the DUEX Max and DUEX Plus portable monitors in the UK. DUEX is a lightweight portable full HD display that is easily added to any laptop to provide users with a multi-screen setup, making it the ultimate productivity tool. The DUEX Max, which is perfect for 14” and larger laptops and DUEX Plus, which is designed for laptops between 13-14” are available now from Scan.co.uk with prices starting at £259.99.

With hybrid working being the norm for many people, remote work tools that allow you to collaborate, be productive and stay connected are more important than ever. A multi-screen setup is often essential and as transporting second monitors from home to the office isn’t practical, and outfitting two offices with multiple screens can be expensive, the Mobile Pixels DUEX is the perfect solution.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX is a productivity tool for those who want the freedom to multi-task anywhere. Attached by magnets, the screen slides out easily when needed making it perfect for anyone who is working, presenting, studying, gaming or even watching movies on the go.

The DUEX boasts a 1080p resolution and brightness of 300 nits. A flexible mounting system and auto-orientation sensor allows users to seamlessly switch between left-side or right-side setup and portrait or presentation modes offer additional flexibility depending on a user’s needs. Featuring a DisplayPort enabled USB-C port, the DUEX enables ultra-fast video transmission and a plug-and-play experience packed into a single cable. Not just for use with laptops, it provides users with an external secondary display for PCs and selected Android phones and can also be used as a gaming monitor for a Nintendo Switch.

Lightweight and durable, the DUEX is created with ABS and aluminium so it can withstand the wear and tear of transporting a laptop around. It’s also energy efficient and specially designed to reduce battery drain from a laptop. Optimal colour temperature and brightness minimises the emission of blue light from the display so users can work and play comfortably with less eye fatigue.

Jack Lao, CEO of Mobile Pixels comments: “With an increase in flexible, hybrid and home working many laptop users are often frustrated by the limitations of having one screen. However, due to space and cost it’s not always possible to add a second monitor. The DUEX has been created to do just that.”

DUEX Max features a 14.1” full HD IPS display with an 85% screen-to-body ratio, perfect for 14” and larger laptops. DUEX Plus features a 13.3” full HD 1080P display that’s perfect for 13-14” laptops. Lightweight and with an ultra-slim profile, users can easily carry the DUEX and their device around without it weighing them down.

Both the DUEX Max and DUEX Plus are available from scan.co.uk priced at £259.99 and £289.99 respectively, and Mobile Pixels, in the US starting at $215



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