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NetBoom Mod Apk (Unlimited Time and Gold 2022)


NetBoom Mod Apk (Unlimited Time and Gold 2022)

The NetBoom Mod Apk is an Android software that lets players play PC games on their phones. Netboom opens up a new gaming world. None of these games (Cyberpunk, Fall Guys, or LOL) has ever been considered for mobile phones. With netboom, you can now play your favourite games on your phone. Netboom also has a cloud gaming platform to play netboom PC games that the firm maintains. Also, the games on netboom can be played instantly on mobile or online without downloading.

NetBoom Mod Apk
NetBoom Mod Apk

It also turns your phone into a high-end gaming system, allowing you to play thousands of high-quality games. Because this app employs game streaming, you won’t need to worry about your phone’s settings. It’s an Android-based PC simulator. Our previous gadgets could only play high-end PC games. Now, even those without a high-end smartphone may join in the fun! There’s no stopping you from playing GTA 5, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, and other PC games on your phone. We owe NetBoom Mod Apk a lot. Also, this program emulates a PC, basically turning your phone into one.

How to use Netboom?

There is no download or installation of a third-party app required to play games on netboom in the latest version. Moreover, by using NetBoom Mod Apk, you must download the 26 MB netboom app. Furthermore, you can operate a high-end gaming computer on the go, as the phone you own will work like a PC. However, a one-hour free trial for nonmembers is provided every day. Hence, after the free trial, the user must connect to the server and choose their favourite game by entering the cloud computing. Furthermore, players can also connect with the keyboard and log out of the server after finishing the game. 

App NameNetBoom Mod Apk
Size26 MB
Last Update4 days ago
Requirments5.0 and up
Developer 2021 Yearly Selection Cloud Gaming – Netboom Ltd.

Features of NetBoom Mod Apk

Following are some of the fantastic features of the NetBoom Mod Apk:

NetBoom Mod
NetBoom Mod

Multiple Modes

Within NetBoom Mod Apk, there are three modes: accessible game mode, instant play mode, and PC mode. You can play the game for free in Free Game Mode. Furthermore, you may connect to popular strobes like Steam, Epic Game, and Origin to continue playing existing games in Instant Play Mode. In PC mode, on the other hand, you may use your smartphone as a PC at any time without needing to download the game on your device. Reduce the problem of data waste while also conserving storage space.

Cloud Gaming Service

Cloud Gaming allows users to play games on multiple platforms without downloading emulators or software. Moreover, users need a stable internet connection to play their favourite PC games. The app will stream the game and offer remote control. Each user will receive an account that retains all game data and facilitates synchronization with other devices.

Numerous Gaming Add-ons

Every PC game is unique, especially action games. Each PC game offers a different experience and a more versatile control method. The app will have several valuable and appealing features to help gamers in many scenarios. The auto-lock and auto-aim are crucial. They provide perfect accuracy in FPS games. Then comes the touchscreen-only functionality for turn-based or real-time strategic games. Finally, the player’s finger will trigger the point clicker.

Play with Friends

Using NetBoom’s specific capabilities and interface, players can cross-play between games. With it, players can join in online games. The software includes several connectivity features that boost players’ broadcasting quality. In addition, netBoom supreme provides cloud gaming services, allowing individuals to play their favourite games on any device. The software also contains unique features that allow players to play their favourite games without fuss.

Infinite PC Games

NetBoom is a vast game library with all cloud gaming content. They have a flexible search engine and can be sorted by genre. Online and offline games allow gamers to play with buddies regardless of platform. NetBoom’s genres include action, strategy, and RPG. Top slasher game. Notable features include genre and game diversity. Any game on the virtual monitor will be comfortable.

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Mod Features

  • Free app
  • Unlimited games
  • Unlimited time
  • Amazing connection
  • No root required
  • Unlimited coins


If you want to play all your favourite high-end games on your phone, now is your chance. NetBoom Mod Apk this mod version unlocks all of these games for free. Also, no extra storage is necessary. And now you may play your favourite games.

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