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New Leaked Photos Show Upcoming Lenovo “Tablet Plus”

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Lenovo is certainly no stranger to tablets – the manufacturer has long since been one of the mainstays in the Android tablet market, and tha’s not counting the multitude of Chrome OS and Windows-powered tablets that it’s launched in the past.

With that being said, it looks like Lenovo is getting ready to launch a new tablet, currently known as the Lenovo Tab Plus. While the device hasn’t been officially announced yet, a set of leaked renders courtesy of the team over at Windows Report showcases the tablet’s overall physical design.

Based on the photos, it looks like the Tab Plus will be geared towards productivity and creativity-focused users, and is meant to be used in a desktop orientation with an included keyboard and stylus. Interestingly, the device slightly resembles Lenovo’s Yoga Tab, which featured a unique chassis that allowed users to securely hold onto its side.

There are no specs detailed in the leaks, although from the design it looks like the Tab Plus will feature an SD card slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as a built-in kickstand that allows it to be easily propped up for work sessions. As with specs, no price or launch date was mentioned, so buyers after a new Lenovo tablet will have to wait a bit more for additional details.

Source: Windows Report


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