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New Verizon deal just dropped — grab a free Google Pixel 8 with a new line, no trade-in required!


If you’ve been looking for a Google Pixel 8 deal that doesn’t require a trade-in, we finally have some good news to share. Verizon has launched an offer that’ll make the flagship phone 100% free, and all you need to do is add a line with an eligible data plan. The savings appear in the form of $800 (the cost of a Pixel 8 128GB) spread out over 36 months, and both the Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Ultimate plans will do the trick. Of course, this deal only really makes sense if you want to be a Verizon customer, but if you’ve been planning to update your wireless service anyway, it’s an awesome opportunity.   

✅Recommended if: you want an awesome new phone without going through the hassle of a trade-in.


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