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No Apple AirTag 2 In 2024—Here’s When It Could Launch


The Apple AirTag was launched in the first half of 2021, which means it is already on sale for three years now by April this year. Current forecasts suggest its successor, the AirTag 2, won’t be available until 2025. This is now supported by the latest report, lending credence that the next-gen tracker will miss the 2024 time frame. 

As noted in the latest newsletter by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has no plans to introduce a refresh of the original AirTag (review) this year. The primary reason behind the move is suspected to be how the existing Bluetooth smart tag and its vital functions work relatively well and is no rush for an upgrade.

In addition, Apple is believed to have accumulated unsold massive stocks of AirTags due to excess stock. It is most likely the iPhone manufacturer intends to shift a larger portion of the units before beginning to manufacture the AirTag 2.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 with the battery compartment opened
The CR2032 battery tray features a rubber seal to retain the IP67 water-resistant rating. The battery life of Galaxy SmartTag 2 is rated for up to 700 days in low-power mode. / © nextpit

What are the new features and changes in the Apple AirTag 2?

Based on rumors, the AirTag 2 is tipped to include the U2 UWB chip (ultra-wideband), which is also found in the Watch Ultra 2 (review) and Watch Series 9. The new radio chip should improve the use of the Find My function by allowing more precise nearby tracking with connected devices like iPhones. Perhaps, it may stretch the battery life of the device as well, placing it on par with Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag 2 (review) with up to 2 years of battery life.

The AirTag 2 is expected to gain compatibility with the Apple Vision Pro headset, too. There is not much information available on what the functions will be, although it is possible the AirTag 2 might function as a controller or rely on some sort of immersive pairing.

There is no word on whether there will be a notable overhaul on the exterior like integrating a keyhole ring rather than the disc form of the OG AirTag. Of course, making such a change to the design would completely make the AirTag holder unnecessary.

How would you change the Apple AirTag 2? What do you want to see in the next-generation AirTag? We’d like to hear your opinion in the comments.

Via: 9to5Mac


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