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OnePlus Ace 3’s flagship-tier OLED display teased


OnePlus will introduce Ace 3 in China next week, and we finally know more details about the smartphone. The brand shared the display specs, revealing it will be the very same top-tier OLED panel used in the OnePlus 12.

The panel is officially called 8T LTPO and comes with 800 nits manual brightness and 1,600 nits in Auto mode. The most impressive feat is the 4,500 nits peak brightness; the panel even got an A+ mark from DisplayMate.

OnePlus Ace 3 display specs
OnePlus Ace 3 display specs
OnePlus Ace 3 display specs
OnePlus Buds 3 teaser

OnePlus Ace 3 display specs & OnePlus Buds 3 teaser

The phone is expected to arrive as a OnePlus 12R in late January alongside the global variant of the OnePlus 12 flagship. The brand said the Ace 3 will have a metal frame and a frosted glass panel on the back. It will stick to the seamless design for the camera island we’ve seen in the last two generations of top-tier OnePlus phones and come in pretty Blue or Bronze colors.

OnePlus Ace 3 to have a flagship-tier OLED display

One teaser also revealed the alert slider will have three modes – silent, vibrate, and ring. We are surprised to see OnePlus advertising this feature because it has been present in multiple phones in the company’s portfolio, and one can only expect it to return to the Ace 3 as well.

The January 4 launch will also see the introduction of OnePlus Buds 3 TWS earphones, which will have improved sound quality and better wind isolation during calls.

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