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php – How to generate btc addresses from XPUB?


An extensive public key (XPUB) is a sort of different evened out deterministic (HD) wallet key that licenses you to deliver a boundless number of bitcoin addresses from a singular master key. This can be useful on the off chance that you want to make a new bitcoin address for each trade then again to manage endless bitcoin addresses.

To deliver a bitcoin address from a XPUB, you can use a gadget, for instance, the bitcoin-cli request line interface or a programming library like BitcoinJS. Here is a representation of how you could make a bitcoin address from a XPUB using the bitcoin-cli request line interface::

1-Regardless, guarantee you have the bitcoin-cli instrument presented on your structure.

2-Open a terminal window and enter the going with request to communicate with your bitcoin center point:

— bitcoin-cli -regtest —

3- Next, use the getnewaddress command to generate a new bitcoin address:

— bitcoin-cli -regtest getnewaddress —

4- This will return a new bitcoin address that you can use to get portions. To make additional areas, you can use the deriveaddresses request, which acknowledges a XPUB as a conflict and delivers an overview of addresses:

bitcoin-cli -regtest deriveaddresses “xpub6DU6JYBvfZjSJgUJpMh6FiZbvL3Bd4ZxAZuvZQgcCv5vY3qrWj5J35Q2K5zAKvZ8XaZxJpZcPJGmrgvw8HJWfjHRBJ1MgvMYdJzW5xp8Gv”

This will create a summary of 10 areas considering the XPUB that you gave. You can change the amount of addresses made by using the count limit:


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