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Premium Roku TVs with 4K QLED screens


Roku Pro series official image


  • Roku has announced the Roku Pro Series of TVs, coming a year after it first revealed its own TVs.
  • The Pro Series offers 4K QLED screens and will be available in Spring 2024 for under $1,500.
  • The company also announced a new feature to automatically adjust TV settings based on what you’re watching.

Roku announced its own TV range a year ago at CES 2023, consisting of the Roku Select and Roku Plus lines. Now, the company is adding a third Roku TV line to its family in the form of the Pro Series.

As the name implies, the Roku Pro Series is a more premium line of television sets. All TVs in this series sport 4K QLED panels with “mini-LED local dimming” and improved audio capabilities. Roku adds that these new TVs offer a design that rests flat against walls as well as a new remote.

The Roku Pro Series will be available in the US in Spring 2024 in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch screen sizes. Roku didn’t dish out specific prices but noted that the TVs would be available for under $1,500.

Roku Pro series in living room

This wasn’t the only announcement the company had to share today, as it also revealed Roku Smart Picture. This feature automatically adjusts your picture and audio settings based on the content you’re currently watching. Roku says the content is identified based on AI and data from content partners. The firm noted in response to a journalist’s question that Roku Smart Picture is also able to disable the divisive motion smoothing feature when cinema content is detected.

Roku Smart Picture will be available from Spring 2024. The feature will be available to all Roku TV models, including the newly announced Pro Series. This could be a particularly handy feature given Roku’s own claim that roughly 90% of customers don’t change their TV settings at all.


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