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python – Unable to get Taproot address using bitcoinlib


I tried several ways to get a Taproot address from a Private Key with bitcoinlib, but I kept getting different addresses than those I get with Taproot wallets such as Unisat and OKX Wallet.

Then, after a lot of attempts, I found the command Address.parse and with it I tried to get all the parameters of my address, in order to replicate it.

With much surprise, even if I create a class with the exact same parameters and of course same private keys, the derived address is different.

from bitcoinlib.keys import Key, Address

# keys are for testing purposes
private_key_hex = '25eee8288d42567475d1453843ce57b16b6ba5b6c0661cb2a439fff44c4d455d'

k = Key(private_key_wif)
public_key_hex = '02fdf741bc2b1efe52873d748ca438798ad0133b25c388bc50423aed26df8ffbd7'
public_key_hex_uncompressed = '04fdf741bc2b1efe52873d748ca438798ad0133b25c388bc50423aed26df8ffbd7db6b1b700bd2475709f586d7a0105d29b0e4a3017b259e01bc32b220342ab33a'

addr = Address.parse('bc1pfkde37d8chuqa6tgwvp7rwmtl7vvd20ql6g5433xxpdah30t7nushrsrlu')

testAddr = Address(
    data = public_key_hex,
    hashed_data = None,
    prefix = 'bc',
    compressed = None,
    encoding = 'bech32',
    witver = 1,
    depth = None,
    change = None,
    address_index = None,
    network = 'bitcoin',
    network_overrides = None

I don’t know if the problem is that bitcoinlib doesn’t have bech32m encoding.

If anyone knows how to solve this issue or knows any workaround, it would be really appreciated!


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