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Residential Proxies For Sneaker Copping


Copping the best kicks is a dream that keeps sneakerheads alive. The game is so competitive that sneaker stores tend to set limits on purchases from the same IP address. This is where sneaker proxies come into play. They allow enthusiasts to stay ahead of their competitors and cop the top kicks.

Among various proxy types, residential proxies are the best option for sneaker copping. Check the Proxyway guide on the best residential proxies to find a provider that can help you bag those trophies with the least hassle.

What Is Sneaker Copping?

When limited-edition sneakers are dropped at retail websites, either the queue is too long or you don’t have luck in the raffle draw. The best way to get your hands on the limited edition sneakers is by copping them. It means buying those shoes during the release from online retailers.

The crowd is enormous here, so people often have a meager chance of buying the shows manually. This is why enthusiasts use sneaker bots to cop the shoes. These bots make multiple requests to retailer websites to book the available shoes before others. It requires the use of proxies, more commonly known as sneaker proxies.

Sneaker Proxies and Their Types

Sneaker proxies are special proxy servers that stand between our device and the target server. When sneaker bots make connection requests to the target server, proxy servers change the IP address of the request. As sneaker retailers limit the purchasing quantity, no one can buy more than one pair from the same IP address.

But as sneaker proxies hide the original IP address, coppers can grab multiple pairs while hiding behind sneaker proxies. These proxies come in different types, but two of these types are the most common. Here is a quick overview of these proxies.

Datacenter Proxies

As the name suggests, these proxies are hosted on large data centers with huge infrastructure. These proxies are extremely cheap to generate, so they are the top choice for budget coppers. Before choosing datacenter proxies, you should keep the following factors in mind.

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  • Datacenter proxies are more affordable.
  • They have a higher connection speed, which is crucial for sneaker copping.
  • It is easier for sneaker websites to identify datacenter proxies. So, they have a higher chance of getting banned.
  • IP rotation is difficult with datacenter proxies.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are simply the IP addresses of other users. As these proxies are bound to actual devices, they are highly useful in maintaining anonymity. Check the following factors about residential proxies.

  • You get a huge pool of proxies. So, it is easier to rotate the IP address. Coppers using sneaker bots can benefit from residential proxies.
  • Sneaker websites can’t usually detect these proxies as bots. So, they are highly unlikely to ban these proxies.
  • Circumventing geo-restrictions is much easier with residential proxies because you get proxies from different real locations.

Best Strategies To Use Residential Proxies For Sneaker Copping

Residential proxies are revolutionizing the game of sneaker copping. By following the strategies here, you can increase the chance of winning the game. Take a closer look.

Having a Large Proxy Pool: With a large proxy pool, you have a lot of proxies to switch to. This will make detecting the proxies harder for the sneaker websites. Even if the websites detect and block some proxies, you can continue copping with the rest.

Choosing Proxy Servers Near Target Servers: The location of your proxies is important in sneaker copping. For example, if you are targeting a sneaker server in the UK, it is better to have a pool of UK proxies. It will make connections faster, which is crucial for the game where every second matters.

Monitoring Releases: You might already be connected to Twitter or Telegram groups that share the release info. To get one step ahead of the competition, you can use residential proxies to monitor the release. This might give you an edge when those limited-edition sneakers drop.

Filtering Out Proxies with a High Ping: Choosing fast proxies is one of the key steps in winning the game. Once you have chosen a provider, not all proxies in the pool might be as fast as you expect. So, you need to use proxy checkers to sort out slow proxies.

Avoiding Free Proxies: Free proxies may sound lucrative but they will cost you the limited-edition sneakers. These proxies aren’t often fast and stable. So, you should avoid free proxies.


Sneaker copping is a huge industry worth over $10 billion. Having a small bite of that industry is extremely tricky. The use of residential proxies has been a game changer in sneaker copping. Before you start copping those limited-edition sneakers, knowing what proxies to choose and how to implement them can give you the taste of winning.


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