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Samsung and Huawei reportedly prep for a new rollable and foldable push


What you need to know

  • Huawei is reportedly in the process of creating a “tri-fold” phone that it may release sometime during the “first half” of 2024.
  • The report states Samsung is developing a “rollable” foldable phone, despite the company stating in 2022 that it has no plans to pursue such a device.
  • OPPO and Vivo have bowed out of the foldable industry due to a “significant” drop in foldable market share, according to reports.

A new report states Samsung and Huawei are ramping up efforts to create new foldable designs amid their competitors waving goodbye.

According to Hankyung (Korean), a Chinese source states Huawei is beginning to “mass produce” a “tri-fold” device, which folds twice to form a “Z” shape (via SamMobile). The source adds Huawei’s tri-fold phone features a 10-inch display when fully open.


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