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Samsung confirms Galaxy AI features will require an internet connection


One of the issues with AI on our smartphones is that it generally requires an internet connection. This is because the AI is processed at a remote server which is designed to handle these types of requests, although companies like Google have managed to bring some of its AI features on-device.

That being said, the same cannot be said for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series. It has been noted in the official invites to the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, which will be held on the 17th of January, that the Galaxy AI features that will be debuting in the Galaxy S24 series will require an internet connection.

It also mentions that users will need both a Samsung and Google account to access some of these features. We guess this shouldn’t really be an issue since most Android users probably have a Google account already. This also confirms an earlier leak which suggested that an internet connection would be required for some of the AI features.

We would have preferred if Samsung had relied on on-device processing, but perhaps the tech isn’t quite there yet and some of the features might be too complex for the hardware in smartphones today. Either way, it’s something to take note of if the AI features in the Galaxy S24 series is something you’re planning to make use of.

Source: SamMobile


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