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Samsung US cuts Galaxy Z and S23 prices for Black Friday, offers better trade-in deals


If you still haven’t jumped on the foldable bandwagon, Black Friday may be the right time to do it. And if you’re not a fan of those, the Galaxy S23 flagships can be had for cheap. Note that you will need the Shop Samsung app to get the discounts below – just follow the links and you will be prompted to install the app if you haven’t already (or you could just use the web store, but without key discounts).

Starting with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, the phone is down 25% from its MSRP and you can get up to $600 of enhanced trade-in credit. Basically any Galaxy S or Z phone from last year gets the maximum of $600. An older Z Flip3 from 2021 also nets you $600 trade-in credit, the original Z Flip and Z Flip 5G are valued at $400. Enhanced trade-in means that even phones with cracked screens fetch a good price, e.g. an original Z Flip with a damaged display is worth up to $300.

Another thing to note that there is a $200 guaranteed minimum valuation when trading in an old device – any Android phone (even one with a cracked screen) is worth $200 in terms of discount. A quick note on how the discounts are applied – trade-in credit is subtracted from the MSRP first ($1,000 in the case of the Z Flip5), then the 25% from the app are applied.

You can accessorize the Galaxy Z Flip5 with a case or pick up a Samsung power bank with a 35% discount. Also, with the purchase of the Flip, you can get the Galaxy Buds2 Pro for $100.

Moving on to the Galaxy Z Fold5, you get a free memory upgrade to 512GB on top of the 25% discount. Also, the enhanced trade-in credit cap is raised to $1,000. A 2-year old Z Fold3 is worth that much if it’s in good condition or $800 if the display is damaged. An iPhone 13 Pro Max is also valued at $1,000 (or $800 with a damaged display). Once again, there is a $200 minimum, but you may get as much as $300 for any old Android.

Like with the Flip, you can get a case and/or a power bank with a 35% discount and the Buds2 Pro for $100.

Not a fan of foldables? The Galaxy S23 series will be replaced in a couple of months, but their long software support will keep them relevant for years to come – they still have 3 OS updates to go (after getting Android 14 earlier this year).

We will pretty much skip over the base Galaxy S23 – here’s the link if you want Samsung’s smallest Android, but the deal is nothing special.

We say that because the Galaxy S23+ is actually cheaper with a 25% discount (vs. just 5% for the base model). So with no trade-in, the S23 is $760 and the S23+ is $750. And keep in mind that the S23+ starts with 256GB storage, not 128GB like its smaller sibling. Percentage discount aside, both phones have trade-in credit capped at $600 with a 2-year old S22+ valued at $400 (or $300 if the display is damaged).

There is no official minimum listed, but basically any phone in the trade-in lists is valued at $200 or more. With the S23 and S23+ you get a 50% discount on cases (it’s still 35% off for power banks) and the Buds2Pro are at $100.

This leaves the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung’s top camera phone of 2023. This one also gets a 25% discount through the app, but the trade-in credit cap is up to $800. An S21 Ultra can fetch $600, an iPhone 13 Pro Max is valued higher at $700. There is no minimum listed, but the lowest valuation we saw was $100.

Note that enhanced trade-in also allows you to send in a tablet or a smartwatch to reduce the price. It’s worth clicking around the trade-in interface to see what options you have – e.g. any smartwatch in any condition can be worth a $60 discount.

Anyway, besides the higher trade-in cap, the Galaxy S23 Ultra offer also comes with cheaper Galaxy Buds2 Pro, which can be had for just $50. Like with the other two S23 models, you can get a case at half price or a battery pack with a 35% discount (this will be applied at checkout).

Since we mentioned them multiple times, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro have an MSRP of $230, but can be purchased for $160 through the app. The prices mentioned above are if you buy them alongside one of the phones.

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