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Samsung US offers $50 credit if you reserve a Galaxy S24 now


Just hours after confirming the January 17 date for the Galaxy S24 Unpacked event, Samsung US is already taking reservations for the upcoming trio. No, it hasn’t revealed any specs officially (other than its plan to focus on performance, quality and generative AI), this is just an early bird promo. And it’s basically a tradition at this point – it did it for the S21 series, then the S22 series and the S23 series.

The idea is pretty simple – fill in this form with your name, email and (optionally) phone number and you will get $50 Samsung Credit when the Galaxy S24 trio launches. Note: the credit can’t be applied towards the phone’s cost, but you can pick up, say, an accessory for it.

There’s no obligation to buy anything, no deposit or anything like that – this is just signing up for a “remind me” email and getting a small bonus for it.

Here’s something interesting, though. The page reads: “Reserve to get $50 in Samsung Credit for up to $1,020 in savings when you pre-order the newest phone from Galaxy.”

The $1,020 in savings presumably includes trade-in credit and will probably be achievable only with the priciest model, i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung.com is mum on the official pricing for the new phones, so we don’t know what this means in terms of final cost.

Unofficially, we’ve been hearing that the Galaxy S24 and S24+ will be cheaper in the EU, the S24 Ultra is expected to get a higher cost base model but also to cost less for higher memory tiers. This won’t be the case elsewhere, e.g. leaks from Korea suggest that prices will remain the same.

Speaking of Korea, rumor has it that Galaxy S24 pre-orders will have a perk – double the storage for free. This was the case with the S23 pre-orders last year too and is another reason to pick up an S24 unit early, before the open sales start (likely at the end of January).


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