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Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Cameras Improved in First Update


Samsung introduced radical image processing changes with the new Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra (review), and among the obvious results are less sharpening and more natural-looking photos and videos. However, some users also faced inconsistent shots, especially when using the different camera modes. The South Koreans announced that they’re addressing these issues in the first Galaxy S24 software update.

Better zoom and night camera shots on the Samsung Galaxy S24

In a press release, Samsung said it is improving the cameras on the Galaxy S24 (review) via a new update. While the company vaguely described what these changes bring, it mentioned users should notice better zoom functions and optimized portrait and night shots.

In addition, the update will include improvements in video recording as well. Unfortunately, it is not apparent what problems are being addressed in this update, but there were a few reports of excessive lens flare. We’ll likely hear more details about this in the coming days as the roll-out has yet to begin.

Based on reliable leaker Ice Universe, this update should particularly enhance the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s still zoom shots. For example, photos taken with the periscope and zoom modes from the camera phone should output better dynamic range control and overall image quality compared with the earlier firmware the device boots on.

Samsung's Vividness slider added on the Galaxy S24
Samsung adds a new Vividness slider on the Galaxy S24’s advanced display settings. / © Samsung

More vibrant AMOLED screen option for the Samsung Galaxy S24

Beyond the camera fixes and improvements, the software update also adds a new “Vividness” slider on the advanced display settings of these three Galaxy S24 models. This new option should boost the AMOLED’s screen color, finally addressing one of the gripes that users highlighted with the Galaxy S24’s display being too bland even when vivid mode was enabled.

Apart from the given February timetable, there is no exact timeline as to when exactly the software update based on Android 14 will hit the Galaxy S24. This uncertainty also extends to which particular regional variant will receive the update. However, you can manually check your Galaxy S24 by going to the device’s settings and software update section.

Have you received the first Galaxy S24 software update? What are the notable changes you noticed? Do share your findings with us in the comments.


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