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Stable Gaming: OnePlus 12 Sports a Massive Vapor Chamber System


Apart from the Samsung Galaxy S24 which is rumored to feature bigger cooling systems, the new OnePlus 12 is now confirmed to sport a larger vapor chamber in a teardown video from China. The video also revealed the device’s innards, displaying the layout of the wireless charging component which has returned to the OnePlus 12.

Chinese channel Wiki Home published a full disassembly video of a OnePlus 12 on YouTube. While the device shown is a Chinese variant, it’s likely the majority of the hardware within is identical to the global model that will launch next month.

OnePlus 12 vapor chamber cooling
OnePlus 12 features a bigger vapor chamber cooling system / © Wiki Home

In the video, the OnePlus 12 carries over some of the internal layout from the OnePlus 11 (review), the shared vapor chamber cooling made from copper in particular. This shared vapor chamber goes through the motherboard and dual battery. What’s notably different is the larger volume that is present on the OnePlus 12 which covers most of the entire battery area as opposed to a portion in its predecessor.

The spotted chamber measures 9140 mm² and based on what we know, the OnePlus 11 has an area of 3,685 mm². Hence, it appears the OnePlus 12 will feature more than double the heat dissipation system of its predecessor.

OnePlus 11 vapor chamber area and internal
OnePlus 11 has a multilayer cooling system including a vapor chamber with an area of 3685 mm2 / © OnePlus

However, it should be noted that the previous flagship uses a multi-layer cooling design through a graphene pad sandwich between panels in addition to the active thermal solution. Based on this, we cannot easily arrive at the conclusion that the efficacy of the thermal system on the OnePlus 12 will also double.

Regardless, the larger vapor chamber will likely result in more stable performance under different scenarios for the OnePlus 12, especially in gaming, recording and playback of high-resolution videos. Considering the handset is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC with a faster processor and graphic unit, it should also run better.

More than just the cooling system, the teardown shows the wireless charging coil attached to the top inner motherboard cover. It’s also centered in the battery section and has a non-conductive sheet for protection. Overall, the video depicted how disassembling the OnePlus 12 is just as complex as the OnePlus 11.

What are your thoughts on the OnePlus 12’s vapor chamber? Will this improvement convince you to buy the device? Share your answers in the comments.

Via: GSMArena
Wiki Home


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