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T-Mobile home internet fees just went up


The price of T-Mobile’s home internet services have yo-yoed over the years. The carrier initially introduced the service at $50 a month before going up to $60 and then back to $50 again. Now it looks like T-Mobile has decided to increase its home internet service fees once again to $60 a month.

T-Mobile confirmed the change in price to CNET following a leak on Reddit that hinted the price change is coming. These changes will be taking place on the 18th of January, but there will be a $5 a month discount if you choose to use automatic payments or Autopay.

CNET notes that there is potential to reduce the fees of the T-Mobile home internet service further. This will depend on the wireless plan you are using or plan to use. For example, users with the Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta Max will get $20 off the monthly fees, while those on other wireless plans will only get $10 off.

The good news is that these changes only apply to new customers. If you’re already a subscriber, the prices will not go up. This is thanks to T-Mobile’s “Price Lock” in which the carrier promises not to increase the price for current customers. This “Price Lock” will apply to new customers, but it will come in a different form.

The new “Price Lock” will only cover the final month of service if there are new price changes in the future and the customer decides to cancel their service. Basically, you’ll only be getting the final month for free.


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