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The Realme 12 Pro Series takes design inspiration from luxury watches


An earlier leak revealed that Realme could be working on a smartphone featuring a collaboration with Rolex. The Realme 12 Pro Series has officially been announced at CES 2024, somewhat confirming the previous leaks.

Inspired by luxury watches

According to Realme, the Realme 12 Pro Series was designed in collaboration with Ollivier Savéo. Savéo is a name that’s probably familiar amongst horologists as the designer has worked with various prestigious Swiss watch brands over the years. This includes brands such as Rolex, Roger Dubuis, Piaget, Breitling, and Quentin.

Savéo redesigned the camera module on the handset to resemble a watch dial. It has a light cone texture and gradient UV texture that can show over 500 sunburnt patterns under the right lighting conditions. It also boasts the use of premium vegan leather. Running down the middle of the phone is a 3D Jubilee Bracelet that adds a metallic strap texture.

Flagship periscope camera

Telephoto lenses on smartphones are underrated. They aren’t just for zooming into objects. Telephoto lenses are actually great for portraits and landscapes as they can offer a considerably different perspective and style. The Realme 12 Pro Series comes with a brand new periscope telephoto lens that offers 3x zoom or more.

The periscope telephoto camera also offers features like prism tilt OIS for better image stabilization, an issue that you might have noticed when you zoom in. It also uses a 1/2-inch OV64B flagship sensor.

Realme also announced that they worked with Qualcomm to develop an exclusive customization of the MasterShot Algorithm. The company claims that this will allow the processing of RAW domains while also offering up great dynamic range and realism, especially in cinematic portraits. The NightEye Engine will also enhance night photography, while the use of the LightFusion Engine will result in enhanced clarity and tone.

Pricing & availability

Realme did not reveal the rest of the phone’s specs but we expect that will come at a later date. The company also did not mention when the phone will launch or how much it will cost, so check back with us later for the details.


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