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The ViXion01 could be a useful wearable for people struggling to focus their eyes


A lot of us with non-impaired vision probably take for granted that we have relatively no issues with seeing things. However, there are many things that can affect eyesight. This includes medical issues or simply by getting older.

For those who might be struggling with their vision, namely when it comes to focusing on things, Hoya-spinoff ViXion might have something for you. The company has announced the ViXion01 at CES 2024. This is a wearable headset that can automatically focus on objects that you are looking at.

This is thanks to the use of a front-facing time-of-flight sensor. This sensor measures the distance of the object and can adjust the lens of the ViXion01 automatically. The company does caution that the ViXion01 is not intended to be a medical device. It should also not be used for activities such as driving.

Instead, we imagine that it would probably be more useful for simple day-to-day tasks, like if you’re watching the TV, or if you’re reading a book, or just working or lounging about at home. It’s actually a pretty cool concept and the best part is that the company plans to sell them.

Pre-orders for the ViXion01 are live in Japan for 99,000 yen and it is expected to start shipping out in February.


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