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Top 5 Android and iOS Apps of The Week: Zelda-Inspired Game, Delicious Recipes, and More


nextpit has been on the lookout for apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to provide you with five great recommendations. This week, nextpit has three games, a recipe book, and a learning app just for you.

We have tried all the apps in this article, so don’t worry about the quality. If the apps recommended here are not exhaustive enough or you did not find something you want, we recommend you take a look at our free apps of the week. Here, you will find far more apps that usually cost money but are now free for a short time only!

Dice Dreams

Dice Dreams combines a game of chance with a city-building simulation. It may sound like an unusual combination at first, but the game’s principle is simple. You roll three dice with the hope of obtaining coins or other bonuses. Coins can be used to build your city, and you can upgrade each building up to four times. The other bonuses are made up of additional dice chances or attacks on other players’ cities.

Dice Dreams screenshots
Build up your city and “earn” your progress in Dice Dreams. / © nextpit
  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: Optional

If you were to attack an enemy city, you also have the opportunity to steal coins from them. Throughout the game, you can upgrade your kingdom to unlock unique bonuses. These include free coins, more dice options, and even new characters. Oh yes, the fluff-looking characters sure look funny!

The game is free to play. Sure, if you like, you can gain a boost using actual money via in-app purchases. However, the game is a lot of fun even without cash injections, and why deprive yourself of progress when you can enjoy everything in your own time?

Study with Subwords

Apps like Babbel or DuoLingo are probably the most famous ones out there if you want to learn new languages. Study with Subwords offers an alternative with numerous options to learn a wide variety of topics, such as the capital cities of US states. The capitals and corresponding states are displayed in a clear list before a question is asked. As soon as you are ready and give the go-ahead, the quiz begins.

Test your memory power with Study with Subwords.
How good is your memory? You can test your brain properly in Study with Subwords. / © nextpit
  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: No

In the case of federal states, you will be given the state and your task is to put together the correct capital from the available word snippets. Study with Subwords impresses with a huge range of different topics where you can test your knowledge. Whether big or small, we think the app is a nice way to pass time for everyone.

If you are hooked, you have the option of taking out a twelve-month or one-month subscription to gain full access to all content. It’s a shame that this app is only available in the Apple App Store.

KptnCook Meal Plans & Recipes

Pizza with or without pineapple? No matter which culinary direction you want to take, with KptnCook Meal Plans & Recipes, you have a clearly laid out app with a huge selection of recipes. The app is impressive right from the start, as you can specify exactly which ingredients or foods you cannot tolerate or simply do not want to include in your diet.

You can fully customize your meals with this app.
At the beginning, you specify what your diet should look like. / © nextpit
  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: No

The app not only helps you to discover new recipes, but also helps you to cook healthier and even plan meals better. A wide variety of dishes are suggested on the spot clearly. The cool thing is, apart from the estimated cooking time, you will be given the approximate price of all the ingredients at the supermarket. What a great way to stick to your budget!

Never blow your budget with this app if you love cooking.
You can see the exact ingredients and nutritional values of each meal. / © nextpit

If you were to click on a dish, you can select the desired portion and the app will provide the exact quantity required for individual ingredients. You can also keep an eye on the nutritional values at all times. All in all, this a really great app to improve your cooking skills and expand your repertoire of dishes.


Archero is strongly reminiscent of Zelda. It is not a direct Zelda clone, but the main character seems to have gained plenty of inspiration from the diminutive Nintendo hero. In Archero, you control a small fighter with a bow and arrow and explore as many areas as possible. Along the way, you fight your way through masses of enemies.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: No
Avoid getting hit even as you fight your way through many enemies.
Fight your way through crowds of enemies in Archero. But be careful, you have to keep moving to avoid getting hit. / © nextpit

The game is not as simple as it seems. While you have to keep moving to avoid enemy attacks, your hero is only able to use his bow and arrow when he is stationary. You don’t have to aim, as your brave warrior has insane auto-ai skills. After a few stages, you will receive help from angels who will either top up your life bar or give you attacking boosters.

Love Link? You might like Archero then.
Become a Zelda-like warrior in Archero. / © nextpit

Finally, you can use your achievements to improve your skills and customize your character. Archero is free to play, and while you can pay to progress faster, it is not necessary to do so.

Gold and Goblins: Idle Merger

The crowning glory of this week’s edition of the Top 5 Apps of the Week is Gold and Goblins: Idle Merger. In this game, you become real gold diggers. You dig your way through gold mines with the help of goblins. The more goblins you hire, the faster you can dig your way through the tunnels.

To speed up your progress, you can merge two level 1 goblins into one level 2 goblin. For each gold nugget, you will receive coins that you can use to increase the number of workers.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: No
Gold! Gold! Gold! Collect as much gold as you can.
How much gold can you collect with the excavator? Make sure you take the glowing blocks with you to obtain the most gold. / © nextpit

Once you have successfully emptied a mine, you can finish it by driving a fat excavator through a separate area. You only have a certain amount of time to clear as many gold chunks as possible. You then continue this process from mine to mine. However, you will need more patience as time progresses since the blocks will become larger, and more time is required for your goblins to finish mining the gold.

Which app did you find most interesting this week? Do you have any other app recommendations? We look forward to your feedback in the comments and wish you a sunny weekend!


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