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Unveiling The Impact Of Video Content On E-Commerce Success


Online shopping is an industry that has continued to grow and become a multi-billion dollar industry. Known as e-commerce, shoppers have continued to flock online and use the internet to purchase the products and services that they want and require.

The web has made it easier than ever to do so, as it provides consumers with a level of accessibility and convenience that classic methods, such as going to a shop physically, no longer offers. As a result, we have seen the decline of these traditional stores all over the world, as more businesses move their operations online.

With so many now competing with each other online, there is a greater amount of competition across the e-commerce industry. While businesses used to only have to compete with the shops in their region, organizations now have to compete with everyone because of the choices consumers have and the non-existent logistical barriers that the modern world is able to cope with.

This has led companies to have to try and be as effective as possible with their marketing strategies. Marketing plays an incredible role in helping businesses to try and achieve their goals and objectives, so it is not a surprise that there has always been a huge focus on those that are devised. With technology having continually improved, there have been newer and more effective methods to have been created, with video creation being among the most successful for so many.

Why Has Video Content Been So Successful For E-Commerce Companies?

Video content has become one of the most popular mediums for people to consume, whether it be for entertainment purposes or even for advertising. Gone are the days in which people used to read the newspapers or magazines as prevalently as they once did for advertisements. While some may still pick up specialist titles if they are fans of a niche industry and are looking for certain expertise, it has become less and less common with the rise of video media.

Content has been able to be created in a variety of different ways with the rise of the e-commerce industry, too. Many businesses are able to use videos as a part of their advertising which can then be uploaded as sponsored ads on other pages that a potential consumer may visit. At the same time, they can be displayed on other videos, such as YouTube, thus allowing them to be able to reach more eyes than they may with other mediums.

But, why has it been able to do so well? Why are consumers being impacted in the way that they are when they see the videos that have been created?

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Elicits Emotion And Connects With Customers

Marketers are usually very smart people and will usually know what works well and what does not when it comes to trying to convince people that the product or service being advertised is what they need. They are able to do this because they usually have an understanding of how the human mind works and can use this skill within the videos that they create.

Videos are able to create stories and provide real-life examples of how something should be done. This is not always possible to do with traditional forms of advertising and marketing that were once only possible. Viewers are able to connect with the stories that are made emotionally, which can have an impact on the success of a campaign. If they do connect, then a business can exploit it by creating a degree of brand loyalty, which could then lead to sales and a positive reputation that sees repeat business being made.

Leads to Greater Engagement

If the video content being generated is able to have the success of creating and building emotional connections with customers, this can then help to lead to a greater level of engagement. 

Those who are emotionally invested or have been able to trust a business because of the videos that they have seen are more likely to engage with the company in a more positive light, which can then lead to them sharing it with others. They may share the videos with others if they are available on social media, which can then help to increase conversion rates, as well as achieve a level of exposure that might be too hard to achieve if written text or a picture.

Helps with Decision Making

As highlighted, video content can provide potential customers with an idea of how the product or service is used. Companies can create video content using stock video or create their own footage, which can then help to build trust and show why they need what is being offered as the benefits become clearly visible.

Video content creation also provides marketers the ability to show the product or service in its entirety. This is not always possible with still images, nor is it possible when part of an advert that is on the radio. Customers are more likely to trust something when they can see it for themselves, and once they do, they are more likely to head online and start shopping for it.

Provides Valuable Insights

While video content is mainly produced as an effective marketing tool to try and convert potential customers into paying ones, it can also be a hugely successful tool for businesses that are looking to obtain more data.

As more people are likely to see the videos when they are uploaded online, companies are able to gain numerous valuable insights. These can include preferences, feedback, and even give an insight into the trends and behaviors of customers. These can then be used to craft the perfect marketing strategy that can help them to create the best videos possible.

Boosts SEO

Given that the e-commerce industry is online, there is a need for businesses to be able to rank highly on Google and other search engines. If they do not, they can find it more difficult to be found, thus making it harder to achieve the revenues and the objectives that they have set out as their products or services may not be found.

In order to rank highly, companies need to ensure they adopt the best SEO practices. This includes video creation, as search engines will rank sites more highly due to the popularity of this medium. As videos are considered one of the very persuasive media formats, they make people share and embed to earn more backlinks. With good titles and descriptions for videos, it is possible to give out more accurate signals to the algorithm at Google and hence get well-ranked outlook positions.

Final Thoughts

As a form of marketing, video content has been and remains incredibly effective, giving much in return to e-commerce businesses. As technology continues to evolve with increasing numbers of people shopping all their shopping online, one thing for certain is that video creation can only grow in importance in the future.


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