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What I want to see from smartwatches and wearables in 2024


Sunday Runday

Lloyd, the Android Central mascot, break-dancing

(Image credit: Android Central)

In his weekly column, our Senior Editor of Wearables and Fitness Michael Hicks discusses the world of smartwatches, apps, and fitness tech related to running and health, in his quest to get faster and more fit (and help you do the same).

As 2023 comes to a close and everyone pretends January is the perfect time to start getting fit, I’m already thinking ahead to what next year has in store for us, from upcoming 2024 smartwatches to the software and sensors our favorite brands will stick inside them. 

All things considered, 2023 was a very strong year for wearables. The Pixel Watch 2 came into its own as a Wear OS/ Fitbit hybrid, while Samsung played it safe with performance upgrades and Apple got people excited with gesture controls


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