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YouTube to Cull its Workforce for “Restructuring” Efforts


Not too long after Google laid off a massive number of its workforce just days ago, reports now indicate that the company’s YouTube division has likewise culled several jobs as part of a major restructuring plan. According to an internal staff memo from YouTube’s Chief Business Officer Mary Ellen Coe:

“As we have seen the past few years, our creator base is broadening and diversifying, from our most experienced creators to a new generation of casual creators posting on YouTube for the first time… Gen AI tools will further fuel new forms of creativity and bring even more creators to the platform.”

“At the same time, our subscription businesses have momentum, powered by partnerships with music, sports and media companies. As the business evolves, we have an even greater need to ensure we’re running the business effectively and meeting the needs of all of our users.”

“I am deeply grateful for the work these YouTubers have done to make YouTube the best place for creators, partners, and viewers… Each one of you has been a valued and meaningful part of our team, and we’ll be here to support you as you consider next steps… Change is never easy, but I am confident these will help us invest our capabilities and expand our impact for YouTube for many years to come.”

It’s mentioned that around a hundred personnel will lose their jobs, although sources in the report add that staff who were part of the layoffs still have a chance to apply at other divisions within Youtube. Just a week ago, a similar restructuring effort led to thousands of Google staff being terminated, in addition to changes over at the Fitbit division.

These new developments are the latest in a long string of lay-offs within the tech industry, which has affected big names such as Nokia and Qualcomm.

Source: Tubefilter


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