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Zumba on the Quest 3 is my new favorite way to wake up


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In his weekly column, Android Central Senior Content Producer Nick Sutrich delves into all things VR, from new hardware to new games, upcoming technologies, and so much more.

Normally, our ThVRsday column is written by our VR expert, Nick Sutrich. However, I thought I would hop in as a guest author this week to talk about an app that finally made me start to take VR a little more seriously, and that’s FitXR.

VR is a fast-growing medium for gaming, but not one that I’ve been particularly interested in. Granted, as someone who’s into rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution, Beat Saber has always interested me as a game that is not only fun but quite a workout, easily making it one of the best Quest games of all time. It shows me that VR is more than just something to “play” with; it’s a great workout tool that companies are really starting to take advantage of. FitXR is one of the fitness apps available on the Quest, and with the recent addition of Zumba, I think I found my favorite use case for VR.


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