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AYANEO’s New Windows Handheld Comes with a Familiar Look



Gaming handheld manufacturer AYANEO is no stranger to trying different form factors for its products, and its most recent addition to its hardware lineup takes a lot of inspiration from the gone-but-not-forgotten Nintendo DS, which proved to be a revolutionary approach to handheld gaming back in the day.

AYANEO CEO Arthur Zang confirmed that the handheld was indeed real (after numerous leaks online), and that its design stems from a love of the AYANEO team for classic and iconic handhelds, such as the Nintendo DS. The device be called the AYANEO Flip DS, although the company is also working on a Flip KB, which comes with a keyboard instead of a secondary touchscreen.

In terms of hardware, the Flip DS will feature a pretty large 7-inch display, and will be powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U CPU, Radeon 780M integrated graphics, with Windows onboard. Meanwhile, the secondary screen is expected to measure three inches diagonally. No specific release date was mentioned, although AYANEO expects the device to be available in early 2024.

AYANEO also made headlines a while back with the AYANEO Air, a Windows-powered handheld which competes with products such as the Nintendo Switch and the Valve Steam Deck.

Source: Retro Dodo


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