Ban Asif Ali – Why is it Trending on Twitter Today?

If you’ve been following the cricket world on Twitter today, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that there’s a debate on whether to ban Asif Ali or not. Both players and fans are calling for a ban after a series of ugly scenes in the Pakistan vs. Afghanistan game. The incident began when Afghan Bowler Fareed Ahmad came close to celebrating his wicket, but Asif Ali pushed him back aggressively and threatened to hit him with his bat.

Afghanistan fans demand ban on Pakistan batsman Asif Ali

After the T20 World Cup final, Afghanistan fans demanded a ban on Pakistan batsman Asif Ali. The fans also want to see the player punished for his controversial gun celebration during the match. The incident occurred during the last over of the game. When Pakistan was losing by three wickets, Asif Ali tried to hit the bowler with his bat. It led to an argument between the two players, and the players eventually alleviated the situation.

After the match, fans of both countries began shouting for a ban on Asif Ali. However, a video showed the fans throwing seats at one another. After the incident, the Pakistan cricket board filed a complaint with the International Cricket Council.

Shafiq Stanikzai lashed out at him

Former Afghanistan cricket chief executive Shafiq Stanikzai has hit back at Shoaib Akhtar’s tweet criticizing Afghanistan fans after the team’s loss to Pakistan in the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup. Shoaib Akhtar called out Afghan fans who had hurled chairs at Pakistan fans. Stanikzai responded to Akhtar’s tweet by pointing out similar incidents.

Former ACB CEO Shafiq Stanikzai has attacked Pakistan batter Asif Ali, on Twitter, calling him stupid for being involved in an argument with Afghanistan’s Fareed Ahmad. While bowlers should be allowed to celebrate, physical celebrations are not acceptable. Pakistan’s victory over Afghanistan in the Super Four qualifies them for the finals, where they will play Sri Lanka.

Other players intervened to calm them down.

The brawl between Asif Ali and Fareed Ahmad took the cricketing world by storm and ended with the umpires and other players stepping in to separate the two players. The ACC is investigating the incident, and the match referee will likely impose sanctions against Asif. If he is found guilty of his actions, he could be banned from the World Cup.

Fareed’s aggressive celebration gesture after Ali’s wicket caused a stir, with the umpire stepping in to break it up. The other players stepped in to help calm Asif Ali down, and the pair resumed their game. However, the Afghani fans lost their cool after the game and threw chairs at the Pakistani fans.

ICC Code of Conduct

The ICC Code of Conduct is a global advertising and marketing standard that sets responsible and ethical practices. It applies to all types of advertising, including digital and social media. Developed by experts in various industries, the Code is technology neutral and applies to the entire marketing ecosystem. It guides communications practitioners, advertising agencies, publishers, and media owners and includes guidance on using data analytics and artificial intelligence.

The ICC has sanctioned Afghanistan and Pakistan cricketers for violating the Code of Conduct. The ICC fined the players and issued demerit points. Both players will be required to pay the fine. The punishment was imposed after a video was released of the altercation. It occurred after the fifth delivery of Pakistan’s first innings. The ICC reported the incident, and Shoaib Akhtar took to Twitter to criticize the Afghanistan cricketers. His tweets included a video of the incident.

Should Asif Ali be banned?

A Pakistani cricketer, Asif Ali, was suspended for 4-5 matches by the ICC for an altercation during a game with Afghanistan in the 2022-Asia Cup. The incident occurred during a crunch situation when Afghan pacer Fareed Ahmed dismissed Asif. Asif was shown hurling abuses and raising his bat, which was deemed inappropriate. The incident was filmed and then circulated on social media. The incident has sparked an uproar among cricket fans. In response to the controversy, Afghanistan cricketer Aftab Alam called for action.

Many fans have criticized the incident, calling for Asif Ali’s ban. The ICC has a code of conduct that stipulates that a player may not make a public display of affection or rage. A level one violation can result in a match ban.

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